Ratings in a Nutshell

This is what I want to convey with my numerical ratings.  Nothing is without exception.

10:  Perfection.  Virtually impossible to attain.

9:   Absolutely loved it.  Has everything I’m looking for in a movie.  Might be a 10 some day.

8:   A “must see.”  Something special about it.   At the top of its genre.

7:   I liked it and highly recommend it.

6:   I liked it and recommend it.  Above average for its genre.

5:   It’s OK.  Just average, but it wouldn’t hurt to see it.

4:   Pretty bad.  A disappointment, yet something about it, i.e., the cast, the directing, special effects, or cinematography, gives it some value.

3:   Terrible.  Senseless.  Awful.

2:   So bad it’s actually painful to watch.

1:   Usually a movie that is immensely overrated and one that I feel has nothing in it worth seeing, e.g., Eyes Wide Shut (1999).

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