A Serious Man (2009)

When I wrote my 140 character review of this film I rated it a 1/9.  If you’ve read my Ratings in a Nutshell you already know a rating of 1 has special meaning.

I’ve read countless reviews of this film and it’s called a black comedy, or compared to the Book of Job, and other inane characterizations.  Frankly, I think it’s pretty stupid.  There’s not much that’s funny about it, there is no discernible point to it, and I felt nothing for the characters.  See In Bruges (2008) if you want to watch a black comedy.  This is just a story about a guy whose life, at every turn, goes wrong.  The only thing remotely comical about it is his relationship with his wife’s boy friend and their interactions.  To put the icing on the cake, it has a “non-ending.”  You can read anything you want into the ending, but in my opinion it’s just a way to take a film that’s going nowhere and ending it “nowhere.”  I understand how meaningful the ending might be to those who love this film, but to my mind the ending is just as pretentious as the rest of film.

The Coen’s have written and directed some extraordinary films.  Let’s just call this one a mistake.


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